VirtNext Review – The Real Deal!!

We are extremely happy to write this review on VirtNext software, and confirming the rumour that there is an auto trader just been released, and we are ecstatic that this one proved to be legit. Read our full review below, and why we believe this will be the answer to everyone’s trading needs, including ours. We have tried and tested this software, and our results will amaze you. So far our ITM rate has averaged well above 80%, we also have documented performance, and you can email us for updated results. also known as VirtNext Investment Ltd, has now been fully released on the market. The trading software has two options available to their traders. 1) Fully automated trading, 2) semi auto mated trading. The setting depends on the trader and how  much control they want over their trades. The trades are calculated and placed by a super fast computer, also known as algo-trading, and has only lost money once in 1478 trading sessions (equivalent of 4 years). All figures traded by the bot was checked by lawyers and accountants and have been submitted for review by the Securities Authority of the US and Japan Stock Exchange.

The VirtNext software owned by CEO Vincent Bollore tried to go public in the past, however due to Michael Lewis’s accusations that algo-trading of creating a kind of secret online depository of “insiders information”, using high speed technology that allowed certain companies to get information on pricing milliseconds before it reaches the rest of the market should not be available to the public, and their launch was unfortunately cancelled.  Now just over a year later, the debate has calmed down and no steps were taken by the authorities against algo-trading companies, VirtNext has been able to launch their software.

Vincent Bollore Profile

Endorsed by three very big binary options blogs in the industry., and Those sites come highly recommended in the industry for their honest non biased approach to all trading software being released as well as reviews on brokers. The software has also received Golden Awards Winner by the financial times. There has also been articles released on trusted news sites like Yahoo Finance, Fortune, CNBC, Bloomberg and more.

Signing up for the service could not be easier, plus it is completely Free! Another plus to VirtNext is the fact that there was no need to use actors or fake reviews, as they had the real deal. The testimonies are real, the reviews are real, and most importantly, the accounts are real, and owned by real people.


Final Conclusion: Our Revie of the VirtNext Trading Software is Legit

Nothing we were able to find linked in anyway to this being a scam. We highly recommend this trading platform as you are able to get detailed reporting about success of the members. The endorsement by not one, but three legit sites on the binary options industry just proves that the service can be trusted. Thank you for reading our review on Virtnext, and we welcome any feedback / comments for traders that have already opened an account.

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Virtnext Review


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38 thoughts on “VirtNext Review – The Real Deal!!

  1. I’ve been reading about this offer on many sites now. Haven’t found a bad review yet either, that says a lot. VirtNext seems like one of the most transparent, simple, and honest profitable auto traders I’ve seen. I’m ready to try it!

  2. Thank you for recommending the Virtnext software! So far my results have been really good, I am averaging about 84% ITM. Looking at a good payout!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your ITM rate with us. This software really is pulling in all the trades. We are receiving very good results.

  3. hello a sign up for VirtNext but not yet fund my acct i”m just want to know if the broker benedect morris is a good broker if there someone try this broker want to know what is an update

    1. Hi Rey, bmboption comes highly recommended, they are indeed a good broker. Let us know if you have any further questions.

      1. Hello , i joined to Virtnext app on february 2016 , the broker they assigned to me is BMB option. I did a deposit of E250. Now i have 280 , i wanna stop using the app and have back my deposit . i m waiting now more then 2 months.The withdrawal request is still pending.No reply from them.Is it normal? Please help me , Is BMB options a scam broker.That s horrible…because is connected to Virtnext .it s a shame.
        what can i do to have my money back?
        thank you very much

  4. Great review! Thank you for reviewing this Auto Trader!
    Honestly, I’m really satisfied with the results i get from the VirtNext. Generally it one of the most attractive signals services we have in the binary options industry!
    Thanks again!

  5. Great Review the view on VirNext Looks very promising. Its also feels bit refreshing to hear some great reviews on this with proven results given the not so great other autotraders that unfortunately recently hit the marketplace prior to Virnext launch

    1. It depends on your trade amount. We recommend traders start with small trades and as your balance grows, you increase the trade amount with less risk.

    1. Hi Henry, that is great news. We love to see traders being cautious and implementing good money management skills. It just goes to show, it always works in the end.

  6. All very well, but Im curious as to where they get this, ‘start making $2,528 a day’ figure from.
    Raises a red flag for me as I have seen these inflated, random amounts featured in so many scam adverts.
    Anyone clarify the figures??

    How many winning trades a day based on 5%-10% risk of capital of $xxx are needed to achieve this very exact amount?

    1. Hi Donne, the figure $2,528 a day is very possible once you have worked your way up to it. The maximum trade you can place on auto pilot is $250 and that figure is based on when you have traded for about two weeks, and your account has enough capital to place trades of $250. Most people start their account with $250 and start off with trades of $25 each. As their account grows the bigger the trade amount becomes until you are able to place trades of $250 and make about $2,528 a day.

  7. My experience with Virtnext software so far has been very positive. My account is up to about $750 and I started with $250. I am new to binary options trading, and would like to start trading myself, If all goes well I might sign up with Michael Freeman’s signals group as well, in order to get the best of both worlds.

  8. Hi everyone. I tested VirtNext on Friday and now today on Monday. But the overall result is not that good.
    6 Win`s and 10 Losses so far. I know, Friday and also Monday aren`t good trading Days, i will give it another try tomorrow.

    1. Hi Daniel, your stats definitely does not look right. Let us know how you get on today, as there might be a problem with your settings or something causing you to lose more trades than win. You might want to get in touch with support in any case, just to make sure everything is set up correctly at your end.

      1. Hello BO, I set Virtnext on low risk, however it made 8 trades in about 10 minutes, so I am assuming it should not do that, correct?

        1. Hi Steve, no there isn’t necessarily something wrong. Low risk means it places one trade at a time, it the auto trader sees receives a good profitable signal, it will place the trade. Trading on high risk, means it will place more than 1 trade at any one time. Hope this answers your question. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  9. I read somewhere that this software has only lost one trade in 4 years of 1478 trades. The accuracy of trades is very high, so it’s no wonder that most reviews are positive for the VirtNext Trading App… I have not tried it myself just yet, but it looks promising. Will definitely sign up and share what happens as I venture through this!

  10. Hi there, started using Virtnext auto trader yesterday on low risk and got a 50/50 result ITM/OTM out of 20 trades. So far lost $78 and stopped. Is there a dood time and a bad time to be using the system on autopilot?

    1. Hi Nasco,

      It could be because the market is a little unstable due to it being so close to the holidays. I would recommend trading the signals manually with the assistance of a trading chart until after Christmas. Everything should run a bit smoother then, and you should see statistics more in your favour.

  11. I signed up to virtnext. The software looks great and is not too complicated for newbie traders like me. The interface is easy to operate and gives clear signals, even on manual mode. I have been able to consistently make a good profit every month, and I quite like the fact the auto trader does all the analyses for me. Definitely a service I would recommend.

  12. I just signed up, the assigned broker is Bloombex Options. I email to the support email but couldn’t send through. Does anyone having issue with them?

    1. Hi fiebee, are you talking about Bloomebex support or Virnext Support? It is the weekend, and I know they can sometimes get really busy, try again on Monday to send them your message and I am sure they will get back to you. Let us know how you get on.

  13. hello, I just signed with Virtnext and recived bmboption brokers and wanted to know if and reliable ??
    then I have a last question to those who already use the app for some time, what are the optimal settings with a $ 250 deposit ??
    once activated autotrading can stop his pc ??

    1. Hi Guiseppe, bmoption is a good broker.
      When first activating the software, start with the LOW risk, and minimum set to $25. Only when your account has more funds in would I recommend increasing the risk level. You can log off after switching the auto trader on, it will continue trading.

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